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      Mr.莫( Chairman):

      Phone:187 9309 3503


      Mr.莫(Sales) :

      Phone:139 7442 7583


      Mr.張(Finance) :

      Phone:187 9309 3503

      QQ: 498592667

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      On July 11, 2018, SOD veteran, professor yuan qinsheng, President of the national SOD industry alliance, researcher of Chinese yak veteran SOD, professor qiu weimin, secretary general of the alliance, senior professor qiu weimin, executive director of the alliance, chairman of suzhou jinao medical equipment company zhou yongxiang, together with 4 members, visited the company for inspection and guidance.
      They visited the yak SOD production workshop and gave a high evaluation: the activity of SOD enzyme can reach more than 13,000 IU/mg at the scale production, and the protein content can reach more than 99.5%, which is leading in China and even in the world. The self-designed filter press is much better than the plate and frame filter press, especially suitable for the production of active biological products, and has obtained the patent authorization.
      Advanced column chromatography and small molecule SOD modification technology can guarantee the high activity and stability of SOD.
      In such remote ethnic regions as linxia, there are leading global biotechnology and companies, they are surprised! It is hoped that the application of SOD should be strengthened, especially for medical devices and drugs.
      Mr. Mo hongchun, chairman and chief engineer of the company, said that it is the established development direction of the company to strengthen the research and development of terminal products with the advantage of high quality raw materials of SOD, and the company is buying land to build GMP workshop, striving to become the leading enterprise of SOD industry.
      Just by dietary intake of antioxidants against free radical damage is not enough, if in the reasonable diet at the same time, some SOD oral antioxidant health care products, such as from adjust the metabolism of the body's internal balance, in keep, to skin compensatory and enough nutrition material, can make your skin delicate and elastic.



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