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      Mr.莫( Chairman):

      Phone:187 9309 3503


      Mr.莫(Sales) :

      Phone:139 7442 7583


      Mr.張(Finance) :

      Phone:187 9309 3503

      QQ: 498592667

      1. Due to work requirements, the following personnel are hereby recruited

      1. 8 general workers: male, 30-50 years old, hard-working and responsible.

      2. 8 skilled workers: male and female, 20 to 45 years old, graduated from biology, chemistry, medicine and related majors, and above technical secondary school. Earnest and studious, strong sense of responsibility.

      Ii. Treatment is as follows

      1, salary

      Plan A: basic monthly salary of 1,500 yuan + performance salary (production staff is linked to output quality) + social security + working-age salary (50 yuan/month x working-age)

      Plan B: fixed monthly salary RMB 2,200 + social security + working-age salary (RMB 50 / month * working-age)

      Employees are free to choose either plan A or plan B after employment, and they can choose again after 6 months.

      Eat and sleep. Those who do not live in the company get a monthly allowance of 300 yuan.

      3. The probation period is 3 months (including 1 month of skill training), and the probation period is fixed salary of 1800 yuan/month + accident injury insurance. After the probation period, the company will sign a formal labor contract and guarantee a monthly salary of more than 2,000 yuan. The probation period after the company examination excellent person, may advance one month to be admitted.

      4. Year-end bonus: average salary for 2 months (less than one year will be converted according to actual working month).

      5. Traditional Chinese holidays have benefits.

      6. Implement the holiday rotation system, and take 4 days/month off.

      Third, the interview

      Interested candidates interview at the location of the company

      Contact person: Ms. Zhang

      Tel: 0930-3286061 mobile number: 135 4076 9837



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